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Charlton Memorial Hospital
363 Highland Avenue
Fall River, MA 02720
Telephone: (508) 679-3131
Saint Anne’s Hospital
795 Middle Street
Fall River, MA 02721
Telephone: (508) 674-5600
Same Day Surgi Clinic
272 Stanley Street
Fall River, MA 02720
Telephone: 508-672-2290

Additional Medical Resources:

Radiology.org – The goal of Radiology.org is to provide an open environment for radiologists and professionals in the medical imaging industry to access resources and share information online.

Injury Fact Sheets:

Shoulder Injuries– Dislocated Shoulder, Broken Collarbone, Rotator Cuff Tears, Tendinitis…..

Elbow Injuries – Arthritis of the Elbow, Biceps Tendinitis, Dislocated Elbow, Tennis Elbow….

Hand/Wrist Injuries – Ulnar Tunnel Syndrom, Wrist Sprains, Animal Bites, Arthritis of the hand….

Knee Injuries – Meniscal Tear, Arthritis of the Knee, ACL Reconstruction, Knee Implants…..

Foot/Ankle Injuries – Achilles Tendon, Adult Flatfood, Broken Ankle, Heal Fractures

OtherNeck, Hip, Pediatric, Sport Injuries

Fall Tips:

Football Safety