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ACL Surgery in Fall River, MA

Tear of the ACL is a common sports injury that generally requires ACL surgery to treat. High-risk sports that involve contact or quick changes in direction may make an ACL injury more likely. These include basketball, volleyball, soccer, football and skiing.

In active individuals, the recommended treatment for an ACL tear is typically surgical reconstruction through ACL surgery. Current techniques have achieved well over 90 percent success in restoring stability to the knee. Repair of the torn ligament itself has shown a high failure rate, so the current standard of care is to reconstruct the ligament with another piece of tissue.

Sports Injuries

Traumas to the body occurs in every sporting activity, and PT is used to promote rapid healing, maximize flexibility and allow safe return to athletic activities when appropriate.

Also, growth injuries in young athletes (ie. Osgood Schlatters, spinal pain, shin splints, etc.) can limit sports participation. Knee or patella-femoral pain, is very common especially in young female athletes.

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ACL Surgery Fall River

Our Commitment | ACL Surgery in Fall River, MA

Our goal is to restore strength, function, mobility, and motion, enabling you to return to your normal activities as soon as possible. To assist us in achieving these goals, our patients receive world-class treatment from Dr. David Bullis, Fall River’s only fellowship trained sports medicine surgeon.

In addition, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with top-notch assistance from our talented, friendly support staff who strive to make our patients’ time with us as comfortable as possible.

We look forward to serving you should the need arise.